Does fat32 work on mac and windows

Marvin Weide July 4th, , 6: Randy Samberg July 13th, , Stuart July 16th, , 6: Aby July 18th, , 4: Succesfully converted my hard drive to exFAT. Thanks a lot.

How to Share an External Drive Between a Mac and a PC

Roger Watling July 19th, , 2: Tapan July 24th, , Rachid July 25th, , 6: AH August 26th, , 8: What to do? John September 18th, , 8: Exfat is not reliable and stable. You will have issues down the road. Thomas Allbert September 30th, , 9: Mike November 1st, , 2: Musoro Samuel November 1st, , 5: Pietra November 13th, , Boris Bold November 15th, , 1: Good to see some options here rather than just FAT Be warned that exFAT can be slow.

Mac 101: Format choices for USB flash drives

Kathleen December 5th, , 4: Ondrej March 11th, , 4: Susan June 14th, , 9: Roger September 9th, , 5: An September 14th, , Alex September 14th, , The best solution I found was: Method 1: So you need to activate it: Back in the terminal, type: Now you can do whatever you want with it in Mac OS X. I hope this helps. Good luck! Thea October 3rd, , 3: Casper Jonathan October 12th, , 8: Arjun November 7th, , Harry November 28th, , 7: Caius January 19th, , Soop March 22nd, , 1: May 12th, , Flarian November 12th, , 1: Just was looking how to format usb.

Formatting From a PC

I got the solution from here thanks for sharing nice article. Excellent way to explain how to format usb?

You have done great job with steps and images. Chi June 18th, , 4: Dzung October 17th, , 7: NTFS is fine. Brain Chris December 1st, , Dingani April 16th, , Robin November 26th, , 5: Have Something To Say? If you need to transfer files between your Mac and one of these non-PC devices, you're almost certainly going to have to format your flash drive in FAT32 instead.

File Allocation Table 32 (FAT32)

Here's a basic rundown of which format we recommend for your USB flash drive, broken down by use case. If you absolutely, positively will only be working with Macs and no other system, ever: The Buyer's Guide. US Edition. Log in.

  • Use the exFAT File System and Never Format Your External Drive Again.
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  • How to format a drive for Mac and PC compatibility!

Sign up. Show More Results. Apple will reportedly reveal its news subscription service next month. OnePlus 6T review: Trivial changes hamper a great phone. Latest in Exfat. Image credit:. The Bottom Line Here's a basic rundown of which format we recommend for your USB flash drive, broken down by use case.

Once it finishes creating them, you can move the drive between Macs and Windows PCs, and move files back and forth easily. Open the Disk Management utility. Alternatively, press the Start button and start typing partitions. Find the drive you'd like to format; in my case, it was Disk 5. Right-click the unallocated segment in the next field over, select New Simple Volume , and click Next when the wizard launches. Change the value in the Simple Volume size field to 32,MB or less--it needs to be under 32GB, to satisfy the format's file limit. Assign a drive letter, and click Next. Formatting the partition.

Choose the drive letter to be assigned and click Next.

Mac Format choices for USB flash drives

Select FAT32 from the File System drop down menu, label the volume however you like, check the box next to Perform a quick format , and click Next. The resulting window tells you that you have successfully completed creating the volume.

Formatting From a Mac

Click Finish and you're ready to go.