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That's all. Kindly help me i am unable to this can any one send me necessary screen shots please help i will be very thankful to you my email address.

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Hey please help me, how to install this theme into my pc? I installed Leopard Xp yesterday. I want to Get back the original view of Windows 7. Even though I uninstall it but getup is not changing. What should I do? Skip to main content. XP Themes. It Does Work But.. What's the point???? COOL skin. Didn't broke my computer, maybe it's because you don't have XP?

Mac OS X Theme on Windows XP and Windows 7

Anotherlink like Rapidshare? Please upload this download link to rapidshare I can't able to download from this server! How do we download the skin i saw the cool skins and stuff but how do you download it??? When i open replacer it says file not found! LInk's working fine.. Checked, working fine, here's the direct download link: Hey i'm runnin Win Xp Sp3. Double Two Thumbs UP! Not great! Mac os x Leopard it's great beautiful skin for my windows. I like that, Thanks. Kindly help me i am unable to this can any one send me necessary screen shots please help i will be very thankful to you my email address yasirzia live.

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It's great but can you play your pc games on this mac os. My sever allow only the download from gmail, so plz help me.. Nice Great Thinking Well Done May God Blase You Thanx mate, I like it at least makes a change. This Theme is not working. Modern Technologies. I was searching 4 sumthng new I've tried following the steps but it doesn't quite work the way I wanted it too. Ok, so I've found the shellstyle. I've spent like 1 hour looking for it in System32 and some other folders under Windows and still couldn't find it.

Perhaps this may be why the theme doesn't work the way it should. I downloaded the VistaPerfection X4 the Startrek one and put it into my Themes folder and I see it in the themes drop down menu but when I applied it it doesn't show the space ship. All it showed was a light blue background and everything else stay pretty much the same way as before.


Ahhh this is more complicated than I thought it would be. From what I've learned from experimenting with different ways to get it to work, I found the best way is to just download the UXTheme for service pack 1 or 2 but if you're using a newer computer it is most likely running service pack 3 and that does make a big difference as I have found out through numerous attempts of trial and error. For service pack 3 user you need to download UXTender for this to work. You don't need the. Instructions for SP3 user: Actually you only need to either copy or directly drag only the executable file either the description says Windows Theme File or Windows Visual Style File either one would work once the UXTender is installed.

Well, maybe not but this is where you should be able to figure it out. Ok, fine once you double clicked it depending on what the file type is, it will automatically take you to a screen where you can select the theme if it's a theme file or an Appearance screen if it was a Style File.

Select the appropriate file to be display as theme and hit apply and there you have it. Follow this link if you're still lost: Also, on his right side panel he provided a link to download the latest and greatest in Windows 7 Themes and other cool stuff so check it out. For best result I recommend downloading Windows 7 Complete Package as it have pretty much everything you would want in a theme, but it doesn't provide "exactly everything" but it's the best one available in my honest opinion.

Don't worry I will guide you through how to install the rest of the cool features that I currently have running on my netbook. Click download. You will need this to make the themes work.

Mac OS X Leopard Transformation Pack For Windows XP |

Once this is downloaded and installed you are in the clear and free to download any themes you like. Keep in mind the install process takes literally a split second so it happen fast so keep an eye on it. Restart your computer after the install and your computer is set to add the themes. Google search Winrar if you don't already have it installed. Once in find the folder that reads "Vista Rain Bar by gavatx" and select executable file "RainbarEn" and install that.

There are other folders but I think it's not as cool as the one mentioned. I only installed the RainbarEn. Feel free to play around and install other features but keep in mind it will waste memory space and eat up RAM so install only the one that you truly like. Unfortunately this Windows 7 package doesn't have the cool looking scrolling task bar thingy it's actually called a RocketDock so next step is to download that. You can add and delete icons from it and it will help make your desktop look cleaner.

Make XP Look Like Windows 7

This is all it will need, but sometimes if on first try the theme doesn't come out right you might want to put the whole folder that accompany the executable file usually it's right next to it side by side into the Theme folder because that folder might contain important. I hope this helps and good luck on trying to configure your theme. How can i set theme in a Xp boot CD. Plz PlzPlz Plz Plz.

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How will I do this? I was trying to get that Mac OS x theme for ages! I'm trying to extract the file,but its asking me a password..!! What's that guys??? Plezzz would just update your themes they've been here like forever!!!!!!! I like it iam shubh mishra mai ese hi theme ki talash me thaa. If you want to customize your Windows XP desktop for free this post will give you a lot of information to help - http: I have downloaded the Ubuntu Theme.

Does anyone know if the 3D works or not? To anybody saying that it is not working, I would suggest you read the actual article. More specifically the section on patching uxtheme. If you want to apply these themes easily then download style xp add your theme or shell in it and apply thats it.

Please let me know when there is a paper theme available. Thanks for the new themes. Hi friends, you can download genuine windows sp2 multi user bootable image from the link: Do NOT be afraid and its safe to use the Patch to overwrite the file. TY for the Themes. Which I may put into an installer for ease. Instant Fundas. Tuesday, July 1, 20 most beautiful themes for Windows XP.

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