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By way of background, I wanted to print a huge virtual fire, to cover a piece of insulation we put in front of a drafty fireplace in the winter. Conceptually, this seemed pretty easy: After some web searching, I stumbled across an odd but effective solution: I knew Excel could do a lot, but I never thought to try it for printing huge images across multiple pages.

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Neat hack, but I still think Rasterbator http: I tried the Rasterbator and Excel — I thought Excel did a better job.. Great idea. My image is 2 metres x 3 metres.. Will this be too large to process like this.

It says its spread over A4s.. How do I select the size of the paper I want it printed on? I want A3 size sheets all I need to cover a wall.. Thanks For the Tip Man! No Words to Explain her happiness. Email Address. The Robservatory Robservations on everything…. Rob Griffiths. Go to https: The Rasterbator is a popular website known for creating poster-sized wall art.

This site works for both Windows and macOS.

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Click Create your poster. Select a source image. There are three ways to do this: Select your paper settings. Select either the Portrait tall or Landscape wide format.

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The default margin size is 10 mm, which should work for most home printers. Overlap makes it easy to join the images together when you cut off the margins because the image will slightly overlap onto the adjoining sheets. Choose the size of your poster. The higher the number of sheets, the larger the size of the poster. Enter the number of sheets into the first box. In the drop-down menu, select wide or high. Rasterbator will figure out how many sheets tall the poster must be to fit the image.

If you select tall , the example image would be 6 sheets tall, and Rasterbator would determine the width based on the image size.

How to Easily Print a Large Image to Multiple Pages in Windows

Click Continue. Select a style. Rasterbator lets you choose from an assortment of styles to add an artistic effect to your poster. Click a style a preview will appear on the image , or select No effects to skip this step.

How to print across multiple pages or make a banner in OSX - Macintosh How To

Rasterbation and Black and white rasterbation are popular choices that print in a halftone style, comprised of many dots. Select your color preferences. If you chose No effects , none of these menu options will affect your poster. Select your final style options. These options will vary depending on the style you selected. If you did not select a style, you can still browse through the drop-down menu at the top of the screen to add some effects to your final product.

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If you decide not to use any, select Enlarge from the menu. Click Complete X page poster! The site will now build your image.

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  5. Download the PDF. Open the PDF. Rasterbator recommends using Adobe X Reader, but any reader is fine. Click the File menu. Click Print.