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After three of dating, Vance admits that he knew she was the woman he'd been looking for his whole life. Inscribed on both of their wedding rings are their initials with God's initial in the middle. Popular Christian recording artist TobyMac and his wife Amanda were married in , after meeting in Amanda's homeland of Jamaica.

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Toby and Mandy live in Franklin, Tennessee and have five children. Amanda had to overcome the culture shock of living in another country, but since then the interracial couple's love has been an inspiration to many. Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble 22 Years. Then noble secured a spot play Cameron's on screen character's girl friend in Growing Pains.


The two soon feel in love and were married in They now have six children, four of whom were adopted. Cameron remembers his mother, liking Noble before he even met her.

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I just want you to know, if you ever meet a girl and you get married, I hope she's someone just like her,'" he said to ET online. Joel was shopping for a new watch battery and instead she talked him into buying a whole new watch they have been inseparable ever since. Osteen and wife were married in He often says two important keys to a happy marriage are mutual respect and never forgetting to have fun.

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The couple views the adoption as a God-ordained process rather than a calculated decision. They were praying for another pregnancy and even asking God for twins. A woman they didn't know approached them at church and asked if they'd ever considered adopting. She knew of some twins soon to be born who needed adoptive parents. The McKeehans took it as an answer to prayer and began the adoption process for the African-American twins.

The new blend felt natural to the artist and his family. Toby's music, both with dc Talk and as a solo artist, has always been marked by ethnic and stylistic diversity. His work has long spoken out for racial unity.

At Home With TobyMac

Living out racial harmony under his own roof seemed a natural extension of who God created him to be. Raising five kids ages 6 to 13 keeps Toby and Amanda plenty busy and brings ample opportunity to build a family shaped by God's love. They draw support from a strong community and school where racial diversity is normal. But Toby still laughs when he occasionally hears, "Where are this child's parents?

While their adoption journey has been smooth, what's proven difficult has been adjusting to Moses' muscular dystrophy, which was diagnosed about two years ago. Moses' form of the disability means that he needs almost constant care, and his life expectancy reaches only into the early 20s.

Losing his son is a painful possibility Toby can't imagine. It was an especially meaningful experience when Toby got to baptize his son. Moses gave his life to Christ at church earlier this year, something Toby and Amanda had been praying for. The family is facing the challenges of Moses' disability in typical McKeehan form: Even the kids are part of this process. They're learning to serve Moses every day.

Toby and Amanda continue to learn to love and serve each other, too, as they bring all the pieces of their mosaic together. Some of their challenges may sound unique, but others are universal: We're not always that good at it with five kids," Toby says.

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I sacrificed a little by marching up the stairs and stepping away from my music and my headphones. We had a great time just talking for an hour before we went to bed. It's beautiful when you allow that to mold you and when you allow their needs to shape you. For Couples in Crisis You can still put the pieces back together with Hope Restored.