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I like the software but this is almost feeling like an Endnote move Membership is pretty damn good using it across multiple platforms, as the only other way to sync properly that works everywhere is dropbox which gets annoying. I'm not a big fan of subscriptions, but 1Password for Families has been totally worth it for me with the additional benefits that seamless sync brings. I realize that isn't for everyone with an online sync component, but it works for me and my family very, very well. While I'm not a fan of subscriptions everyone seems to want you to sign up for one these days , the subscription does get you access to the clients for all platforms, while the standalone price is platform specific.

It's been at least a few years since I last paid for an upgrade, so I'm satisfied with the value.

1Password for Mac Review

On the flip-side, one of the 1Password developers pointed out in the forums that you don't need to use their online sync with the subscription option. The new updates will support offline vaults and syncing using Dropbox too. I'm considering this as it would be cheaper than upgrading the Windows and Mac clients I'm using. Depending on when you upgraded the new stuff is pretty damn good.

Megalodon wrote: Still using version 4 for Windows as v6 doesn't support Dropbox syncing and I haven't decided if I want to move to the 1Password online service yet. Although the more I think about it, their online sync looks to be more convenient and probably more secure than using Dropbox.

Version 4 for Windows was really crappy IMO. Does WLAN server not work for you? It what I use. Sync the Mac to the iPhone, the iPhone to Windows. It's a manual process, but it's literally takes two seconds. If I had more than three devices, it might get tedious. I switched to membership once I got a gaming PC. I also work as a Freelance Editor and I'm not always on my own machine, so being able to log into a web interface when working off-site to grab passwords is worth it to me.

Also rolling tax deduction Oh, and the 'families' version doesn't just have to be for families. I'm going to run through one of my BFFs we also do a podcast together through it and we'll share the cost. Tsur wrote: No, for a bunch of reasons. For example home and work computers would be annoying to sync as ideally I never even open my work laptop at home.

Actually now that I think of it I can probably expense my subscription, I should check on that. Also in numerous scenarios like travel mishaps, fire, natural disaster, etc it is far better to have a DR plan where you can start from scratch. To be fair I guess that may be possible in your approach with cloud backups. It may still not work for you, but I think I explained it poorly. Using WLAN server: It's free. It takes a few seconds. And it doesn't rely on a subscription or cloud service.

It is, however, manually initiated. I'll probably keep using the current version standalone until it stops working. I don't feel like I need more features. I have the iOS app and the read-only android version, and this covers me for all my needs. If I needed the new version I'd probably go subscription, as its cheap enough. I'm a standalone user. Last paid upgrade was 4 years ago, if memory serves well. This beats the subscription model if you are also an iCloud user.

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I don't think I will ever switch to a subscription model, though. Galberras wrote: I got the family license last time and considering I got at least 5 years use out of it on both Mac and Windows for all the computers I could want, and a couple free major version upgrades too, it was worth it. I skimmed the blog posts from AgileBits about the security implications, but haven't gone back to read them in depth. Do you have any concerns about having both factors routed through one program? Short answer not really.

1Password For Mac And iOS Now Half Price For A Limited Time

GAuth isn't encrypted at rest. Neither represents the best security available at the consumer level but to improve on it you'll need something like yubikey.

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I guess my use case is a lot simpler than most of you. Dropbox sync has been working perfectly for me knock on something, quick. I wonder how long it will take me to get over this dislike of subscriptions. It does make me feel better that I am not alone in my dislike of them. My wife and I use it every day. I also don't like subscriptions generally, but don't mind supporting the team at Agilebits. I might be in the minority but I don't mind subscriptions that support developers I like, such as Agilebits.

This is probably the future of "premium" applications, unfortunately. I resisted at first, but finally learned to just be more judicious with my app choices so I'm not paying subscriptions for everything. Hap wrote: It certainly is. I still have to use it until to access local vaults. Getting access to 1Password on all platforms is also very nice, as is being able to designate certain vaults as safe for travel and enabling only them when I do.

I dunno if it's just because I'm such a heavy user but I really don't mind the subscription thing. I also think it's important for companies to have a business model that aligns with my interests and I think that is better served with a subscription. While I certainly don't want a subscription for every piece of software I use, 1Password is so good, and I rely on it so much that I don't really have a problem with a subscription in its case. In fact, I'm hard-pressed to think of a more indispensable piece of software that I use in my personal life.

Belisarius wrote: All of these things exactly. The one-off payment model either requires regular paid updates to get more money from existing customers, or a steady flow of new customers. I use the standalone version at home, and the subscription for work. While the sub version is pretty nice since I work on both Macs and PCs , I do worry a bit about security, specifically my passwords being stored on Agilebits' servers albeit encrypted.

With the standalone version I use iCloud for sync, so there's a layer of separation there hack my iCloud account and all you get is this encrypted file.

1Password is adding a subscription offering

DrWebster wrote: AgileBits, move to subscription aside, seems like a great company. I've been with them for a decade. Hopefully they'll always, "do the right thing. Then what are you going to do? Maybe they get bought out. Maybe Dave Teare succumbs to his meth habit. Maybe they just get a little greedy. Nobody is against subscriptions because they don't want companies to have a "viable and ongoing revenue stream.

In the past, they had to earn my upgrade money. And they often did. Now they can just coast on momentum.

Loved and used by millions.

Hopefully they'll continue to produce great and reliable software. But if they don't, you're kind of trapped. At what incremental cost will you finally decided that the huge hassle of switching password platforms is worth the extra buck a month? Probably never. Not that AgileBits will do this, but that's how you successfully execute lock-in. You make the hassle worse than the cost. Some third-party was billing me for a fortune telling service.

Every month, I committed to calling Sprint to getting it resolved. But I knew , from past experience, that calling Sprint was the worst - the absolute fucking worst. It would take at least 15 minutes of obsequious incompetence to get it resolved. And the more I let it go, the worse the call was going to get. Getting one month resolved would be easier than getting several months credited back. I'm ashamed to admit that I let it go on for nearly two years.

I'd put it at 3 behind OS and browser. I'd do the same thing I would do if Spotify jacked up prices; jump ship to one of the million other competitors out there. I'd have zero qualms or issues about using Apple Music instead of Spotify. What lock-in?

1Password is adding a subscription offering – TechCrunch

Agilebits makes it extremely easy to get your data out of 1Password. I use that feature all the time. It's how I keep my 1Password database in sync with my Keepass2 database since there's no 1Password app for Linux. If 1Password no longer becomes worth the cost of entry, I move to another product. Simple as that. So how secure is the 1Password backend? The company has a detailed security page describing how the multi-key decryption system works. You need to enter a password and an account key to unlock your vault. The idea is that this account key acts as a sort of two-factor authentication system.

But if you want to authorize a new device, you need to pull up an authorized device to find the key in the 1Password settings. AgileBits also recommends writing down this account key on a piece of paper and storing it in your home. This way, if you lose all your devices at the same time, you can still log into your 1Password account from a new device. In many ways, this encryption system reminds me of bitcoin paper wallets.