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The included 40 preset SVG shapes provide you a starting point to work with, and you can apply 3D Stroke to any vector path. Trapcode Echospace 1 Plug-In by Red Giant is an electronic download of a plug-in for creating motion graphics from 3D layers. This is a volume license, requiring a minimum purchase of 12 units. The plug-in supports both Windows and Mac platforms, working only with select versions After Effects. Echospace is aimed at the motion graphics designer, allowing them to easily create complex motion graphics from a single 3D layer of; graphics, text, video, or even an After Effects composition.

The Plug-in will clone the layer hundreds of times if you wish, allowing you to control each layer individually or as a group. Apply the same motion to each layer, with a time delay or 3D position offset to create rippling effects, or a classic falling domino effect. That is just the beginning.

The software automatically handles the necessary After Effects Expressions, so you can create complex movements without having to learn to write Expressions and manually update each layer. Layers can even cast shadows on each other as they move to add realism to your animation if you wish. The plug-in includes an extensive user guide to help you get working quickly.

The plug-in supports both Windows and Mac platforms, working with select versions After Effects. Trapcode Form 2 provides you the tools to make and control virtually any 3D Form you can imagine.

Red Giant TCD-SUITE-UV Overview

You can make words dissolve into sand, make a logo catches on fire, and now you have the power to make 3D sequences explode into particles. Form 2 is backward compatible with version 1 and even keeps the base shapes. However, Form 2 removes the limits on the base shape, so you can customize the shape or import 3D objects or sequences through the OBJ importer.

The included presets also make an excellent starting point for your project. Use the plug-in to create fluid lines, text effects, or morph one 3D shape into another. The included audio reactors simplify syncing animation to a soundtrack or voice. Don't forget to take advantage of the free tutorials to get you up and working with the included professionally designed presets.

Trapcode Horizon 1 Plug-In by Red Giant is an electronic download of a background image mapping tool that interfaces with the After Effects 3D camera, allowing other plug-ins to generate effects that maintain a consistent relationship to the camera and the background. Horizon creates an infinite background for your animation to happen against, by creating gradients or using image mapping and applying these images or gradients to the inside of a giant sphere. So no matter where the 3D camera is directed, you effects appear to be taking place within the environment you created, and not just floating in frame.

Horizon automatically ties into After Effects' 3D camera, this allows you to use other Trapcode plug-ins such as Particular or Form, and have the effects seamlessly work together.

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Adjusting the Field of View within After Effects allows you create zoom effects during the shot. The bit per channel rendering, provides smooth artifact free images. It also supports bit operating systems for significant speed improvements over bit operating systems. Trapcode Lux 1 Plug-In by Red Giant is an electronic download of a plug-in that adds volumetric lighting effects to your footage. Lux adds realistic 3D lighting effects to footage to increase realism or for dramatic effect. Lux will automatically create a visible source for all point source and spotlights within a shot.

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You can manage the look of the light beam, controlling settings such as intensity, fall off, and travel. The created light beam co-exists with the built in lights of After Effects. Lux now supports bit color processing, for an artifact free effect. Mir allows you to create a 3D object or landscape quickly and easily. It requires OpenGL 2. At the core is a mesh object that is made of polygons, shaped by fractal noise and textured and illuminated in a 3D environment.

Mir fully integrates into After Effects' comp lights and camera, with features like Specularity and Ambient Occlusion that add shading and reflections. Mir's toolset allows you to define the size of the mesh controlling its number of vertices and to bend and twist the mesh to define its shape. The Fractal controls distort the mesh, creating natural looking texture. Mir also features tools for adding 3D materials to your mesh, adding ambience to a landscape scene, and the shading tools add realism and lighting depth.

Included in the plug-in are five complete animated projects to get you started and 18 animation presets. The plug-in supports both Windows and Mac platforms, working with select versions After Effects and features 45 customizable presets for working with SD and HD footage. With Trapcode Particular, you can render hundreds of thousands of pixels per second, with a burst of up to one million particles per second. With up to 20 Million visible particles, photo-realistic particle effects to be achieved.

Main particles can also be set to emit auxiliary particles throughout their life for streak effects, and particles can cast shadows on other particles, further enhancing the natural look. The new 3D renderer is up to twice as fast as the previous version. Incorporating a physics engine and bit-per-channel rendering into the plug-in ensures smooth natural looking particle effects and HDR quality images.

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Trapcode Shine Plug-In by Red Giant is an electronic download of a plug-in for creating volumetric light effects within select NLE and effects programs. With Trapcode Shine, you can create 3D volumetric light effects without leaving your NLE and avoid the lengthy render times of specialized 3D applications. Shine includes 22 customizable presets, or you can build your own light rays from scratch. Shine can also be used to add highlights, glows and shimmers to titles. The plug-in supports both Windows and Mac platforms, and it only works with select versions of Adobe After Effects.

This plug-in automatically generates keyframes for animation or effects within After Effects based on your settings. You have the option of selecting the amplitude or frequency of the audio track to trigger the keyframes. When you integrate Sound Keys with other available effects within After Effects, you create a powerful combination for modifying your video, quickly adding to the visual impact. You can open more than one instance of Sound Keys and apply it to the same audio clip, allowing you to have different parts of the audio trigger different effects.

Since the plug-in is applied as any other effect, the settings are saved within the After Effects Project. Starglow allows you to add simulated on camera star filters, and glows to your footage, but don't stop there, you can use the plug-ins tools to enhance text titles, particle systems, water highlights and starry skies.

The plug-in renders its effects quickly so it won't bog you down when working. Rendering with most host applications is done at bit depth for smooth and naturalistic looking glows. The 29 presets are customizable and keyframeable so you can adjust the effect over the length of the video. Home Computers zzzvevwvseyaaqdqyx. No Longer Available Update Location close. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Reviews 0 Write a review zzzvevwvseyaaqdqyx. Email zzzvevwvseyaaqdqyx Print.

Volume License This version of the plug-in requires a minimum purchase of 12 units. The plug-in is cross platform and you can mix and match the licenses across the Mac and Windows platform. For those using host applications across a network, the volume license also works across a network allowing you simultaneous uses up to the number of licenses you have purchased. Premiere Pro supports bit rendering, this helps avoids the distracting banding artifacts that often accompany effects with 8-bit color depth.

Once you have chosen your shape, you can use the included tools on it. Tools Adjust shapes, colors, thickness, feathering, start and end points, all within the plug-in. Other included tools allow you to control looping, repeated motion, motion blur, and opacity.

You can also animate the camera to fly through your graphic. Keyframeable Settings are customizable and keyframeable; you can quickly create simple animations or build complex animations around even the simplest shapes. Vector Path 3D Stroke only works on vector paths, and does not convert images into vector paths. There is no import option for a vector path into 3D Stroke.

Volume License Upgrade This version of the plug-in requires a minimum purchase of 12 units. It integrates into the After Effects 3D environment. Motion Graphics Echospace allows you to create Motion Graphics from a single layer. It works in 3D Space It supports Images, graphics, text, video and After effects comps as 3D layers Echospace automates your workflow, so you don't have to write expressions or manually update each 3D layer. User Guide Extensive user guide is part of the plug-in.

It integrates into the After Effects 3D environment, including the 3D camera and lights. Your base form can take any shape imaginable, including animated models designed in your favorite 3D applications. Import a static or animated OBJ, and Form 2 will automatically convert its vertices into particles for a fast start to a sophisticated animation. Complete 3D support for features like orthographic viewing, Shading, and Layer Maps.

Textured Polygons load in any image as the particle source and let you rotate and shade those particles in 3D, creating animated sequences of falling leaves or twisting snowflakes. Streaklet particles can generate intricate organic designs like ribbons and light trails. Shadowlet rendering lets particles cast shadows onto other particles, adding realistic shadowing from a single light source. Shading tools integrate with After Effects own Lights with dynamic light falloff support for a more realistic or dramatic effect. Organic Shapes Animate organic 3D shapes and backgrounds.

Spherical Field has new Size X, Y and Z controls that stretch spheres into a variety of elliptical shapes. Audio Driven Animation Built-in Audio Reactors easily apply variables like motion, dispersion, size, and twist making your particles organically react to the frequencies you desire. Tap your fingers to the beat making water droplets ripple to a bass guitar, control the pulsating of Streaklets with your subject's voice.

Tutorials Use Animator Harry Frank's free video tutorials and professional presets to get you up creating with Form 2, without getting bogged down reading a text book. Point mode generates smoothly blended color regions from up to 8 points on the virtual sphere.

Line mode creates converging lines of colors that create a sky gradient. Seamlessly map "Equirectilinear" images onto the background for full degree coverage.

2016 FREE All Trapcode products for CS5, CS6,, CC2014, CC2015, CC2016 CC2017[FOR Mac and Windows 10]

Control of horizontal and vertical coverage allows you to determine how much of the virtual sphere to map. This product may only be downloaded from the manufacturer's website. You'll receive an email with the license code to complete your order. Orders placed on weekends or holidays are processed the next business day. This item is noncancelable and nonreturnable. Red Giant Trapcode Starglow is a fast-rendering, multi-directional glow effect.

Red Giant Trapcode Suite 13 Win & Mac [Keymaker] Free Download

It allows you to create multi-colored or monochromatic star-shaped glows, such as stars or reflections of light on water. There are 29 presets, each highly customizable using controls for 8 different directional points, color maps, shimmer, gradients, and streak length. Starglow has been used successfully on Discovery Channel programming, Toyota Scion commercials, and music videos among other productions.

Your download provides you with the latest version of Trapcode Starglow.

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Red Giant Trapcode Starglow Download. Electronic Download Update Location close. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Reviews 0 Write a review zzzvevwvseyaaqdqyx.

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