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How does that work with importing plans?

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Should I draw the rectangle, then import the image onto the rectangle and draw on that? G deb You want to draw on an object that will induce On Face inferencing. There are, I believe, four kinds of objects that can be used for that purpose.

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They are:. So, depending on the circumstances, you could use any of these objects, all of which exhibit the behavior you were originally looking for. And so on. The essential thing is to wait for the expected inferencing feedback before clicking every single time to make sure you stay on plane.

Frankly though, I am slightly baffled by the volume of people using SU to make or modify 2D drawings.

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LayOut alternative for someone that does not need Pro SketchUp. Thanks for the information. Learned something new. What plugin would I need them?

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BillGebhardt I have explained what I need and was already given a solution. Geo For whom Gully stitched me a beautiful yacht hull, many years ago. Surely you are mistaken, Baz. I am widely known for my sweet disposition. They are: Petec What can I do? DaveR The download DaveR gave you will get you going again, but just for your interest: Petec, To quote another discussion from Shapeways: With Make unsupported you may need to find another solution sooner or later.

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Buy Microsoft? Get a clue. Time to pony up and show them that you are a committed user.

The status bar is the gray box at the bottom of the LayOut window. On the left, the status bar displays helpful tips for the currently selected tool.

The status bar also lets you know when LayOut autosaves your document. The Measurements box displays coordinates when you need to click to begin drawing an element. For example, if you select the Rectangle tool, the Measurements box displays the coordinates that the Rectangle cursor is currently hovering over. When the Measurements box is displaying coordinates, the coordinates are relative to the upper-left corner of the document area, which is coordinate 0,0.

You can enter values in the Measurements box to modify entities if your current tool enables you to do so. Either a three-button or one-button mouse common on Mac computers works just fine, but you can work more efficiently with a three-button mouse where one button is actually the scroll wheel.

Note that the Magic Mouse that comes with newer Macs has some of the scroll-wheel functionality that a three-button mouse has.