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Cashes must be refreshed manually to synchronize to external changes. Yass searches for Ultrastar installation folders and adds them to the Quick Settings if available. If the Quick Settings field is empty, enter the folder manually.

If your Ultrastar installation is located at U: The path is added permanently to the search path preferences. If you unmount drive U: You can remove that folder to reset all customizations and clear all cached data.

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  4. Windows XP: Yass requires Java 1. The Windows-specific Yass package will automatically check and download the Java runtime environment.

    Yass – Karaoke Editor

    Non-windows users will have to install Java manually. Yass 0. Platform-specific libraries are bundled with the Yass download package. Renard Administrator Silly Filly Posts: Head to the download page and pick the release fitting your OS.

    Adding Songs

    Ubuntu Once installed, there are two things to consider: Song Library Ultrastar DX songs are located, by default, in its installation folder. Songs consist actually of subfolder, each of which containing a few files: Try installing a sample test song to sort things out. You'll also be able to use it to set up your audio system. Setting up audio You'll need to pay attention to a few things here: You can also use the official Singstar microphones - note that they will provide their own USB soundcard, so you'll have to specify USDX not to use your system's default sound card for input - more info here.

    Please test a sample track and ensure you don't need to adjust the audio or video latency before going any further.

    Ultrastar Song Tutorial

    You might have a lot of latency if you're using a audio setup external amplifier ou HDMI display mainly TV sets; if you're using one, set it to its "Game"mode when possible to avoid latency.